In the world of non-profit development, how do you know if you’re using the right tools to get to your destination the fastest?

A map shows us the shortest distance between where we are and our destination. The route is on roads, streets, or highways that someone else has built.

We simply travel along the designated highway until we reach the destination. We can go as fast as our vehicle will take us governed by safety and the law.

A compass also shows us our destination. But the route may have to go around many obstacles – mountains, rivers, rough terrain – before we can reach our destination.

And speed is determined more by agility and focus rather than laws that limit our travel.

map or compass donor fundraising

Growing your non-profit sometimes requires a map and sometimes a compass. The destination is your clearly defined vision. Knowing which to use for the state you’re currently in is a key factor.

If you’re feeling great frustration, can’t see a clear path ahead, and find yourself behind immovable obstacles – chances are you’ve been trying to read a map when you need a compass instead.

If the path is clear, but you’re not satisfied with your speed – a map may be fine, but more horsepower is what you need to travel faster.

Are you using a map or a compass today? Is it getting you to your destination?

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