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Christian Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Strategy Checklist

Get Practical With Your Vision

7 Core Commitments for Foundation that Elevation will help with:

  1. Develop a dedicated staff/team for foundation procedures and relationship-building
  2. Create a compelling case for support that is a unique proposition to our ministry
  3. Supply effective outcome methodology through logic model preparation
  4. Connect with foundations through various approaches and build relationships
  5. Review strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  6. Focus on the learning aspect, recognizing that no approach—even when a ‘no’ is received is fruitful.
  7. Execute strong foundation protocols through yearly review and monthly strategy.

Elevation will help your business find a new direction for growth. At Elevation Growth Partners, we are committed to helping nonprofit ministries achieve their mission through creating a consistent and fruitful fundraising strategy. With Elevation’s foundation grant services, we assist nonprofits through consulting and training to develop a solid strategy for approaches, supply critical valuable research to approach appropriate foundations, and create a compelling case for support documents and proposals. Schedule an informative call to learn how you can see success from your grants strategy. Contact Elevation today at 719-358-4903