Meet the Team

Tim Gunsolley

Tim Gunsolley

Tim Gunsolley is President of Elevation Growth Partners and Founder of Gift Mapping Strategies, a comprehensive planning and coaching service for non-profit organizations seeking to fulfill their visions through abundant resource development. Tim’s experience spans 20 twenty years in fields as diverse as global literature distribution, the arts, and community services. His work has taken him to Brazil, China, Cuba, Egypt, France, India, Israel, Nepal, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

Elevation Growth Partners has served over 400 clients helping them raise hundreds of millions of dollars. A list of recent clients may be found at Elevation’s team of high-level consultants offer services in major gifts, foundations and grants, campaigns, major donor events, strategy, brand, and strategic communications.

Thousands of personal interactions with high-net worth individuals serve as the background of Tim’s dedication to helping the faith-based nonprofit leader learn how to build deep relationships while securing major and mega gifts for the expansion of Kingdom causes and the client’s vision.

His approach to simplifying complex fundraising strategies and organizational growth issues has helped achieve the company’s goal of empowering leaders to change the world.

Tim earned a master’s degree in arts administration from Columbia College in Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in music education from Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.

He serves as a trustee of Tenfold BPO and as a deacon with his local church.

He enjoys music, hiking, fly fishing, and the arts. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife, Beth. They have two adult children and one grandson.

Tim is always open to discussing organizational issues over a round of golf!

“Let’s Go Change the World!”

Vikki Walton

Vikki Walton

Vikki Walton, Certified Grants Specialist and Certified Grants Reviewer, has been engaged in the nonprofit sector for decades. She has worked in development, program and administrative capacities along with sitting on numerous boards. Her experience in each of these areas has enabled her to assist nonprofits to communicate effectively with donors and foundations in sharing a strong case for support. 

While Vikki has assisted many nonprofits to be successful, she is most proud of helping smaller nonprofits in receiving their first grant. She has crafted donor communications for national organizations and assisted nonprofits to achieve their mission through successful fundraising strategies. Her specialties are in donor copy for communications, foundation grants, strategy and vision. 

Vikki has always been a teacher at heart. She recognizes the power that comes from learning and has instructed adults over the years on various topics. She has spoken at fundraising conferences and taught fundraising to myriad nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers. She believes that gaining knowledge is one of the best investments that any individual or nonprofit can make for future success in their endeavors. 

As a partner at Elevation Growth Partners, Vikki seeks to help nonprofit ministries take their mission to the next level through assistance and instruction in donor communications, foundation grants, strategy, and vision. 

Pamela McCann

Pamela McCann

Pamela has been working with non-profit organizations and ministries for more than 15 years. Her practice has focused on helping organizations increase their effectiveness and profitability no matter where they are in the development cycle: inception, launch, growth, leadership transition, reinvention or turn-around.

She credits her roots in direct-response advertising for teaching her the discipline and importance of being results focused. She has successfully applied this results-based strategy beyond revenue to include process and management objectives creating highly effective teams (often very diverse) who consistently achieve goals on time and on budget.

Pamela has held senior leadership positions with major consulting firms, founded a multi-million-dollar ministry (Women of Faith), and advised such clients as World Vision, Prison Fellowship, Focus on the Family, Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers), Hope for the Heart (June Hunt), Living on the Edge (Chip Ingram), and Mission Aviation Fellowship.

As Senior Director of Stewardship and Communications at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, she was responsible for working with leadership to develop a holistic, integrated philosophy of stewardship that comprehends what it means to approach stewardship as a life endeavor, not simply a financial one.

At Elevation Growth Partners, Pamela serves clients in strategic growth campaigns, acquisition, direct response, brand development , and research.

Lauren Floyd

Lauren is strategic when it comes to marketing, and creative when it comes to branding. She has worked in the digital marketing agency world for two years and presently does contracting work helping nonprofits with specific marketing campaigns. She specializes in web and video content creation, Hubspot, and Clickfunnels. 

Lauren’s background is in Communications with a degree from Moody Bible Institute. She has been contracting with Elevation Growth Partners for a year, but the work Elevation provides has been close to her heart for more than 10 years. 

Her desire is to bring excellence in all she does and encourage those in their journey with Christ. She does that mainly through teaching and leading at her church in women’s ministry and through her recently launched podcast, The Christian Talk Podcast. Lauren, her husband Taylor, and son Kyden live in Littleton, Colorado.

Shanna Raper

Shanna is a dedicated business and data analyst with cum laude degrees in Technical Writing and English. She has spent the majority of her 20-year career analyzing business processes, database structures, and CRM tools with the goal to improve end-user experience and provide excellent customer care and engagement.

Shanna offers a wealth of experience in these areas:

  • Non-Profit: Over a decade of non-profit experience at FamilyLife
  • Operational Management: she managed an operations team that supported 24 major donor gift officers
  • Digital Marketing: she helped implement and maintain a marketing automation platform
  • CRM Implementation: she helped with all areas including, creation of value proposition, marketing materials, database integration, and user onboarding
  • Business Analysis: she has created numerous reports and dashboards, she has been the liaison between IT, Marketing, Donor, Sales, and Digital
  • Data Analysis: she has been responsible for list segmentation and working with third party vendor to acquire data overlays
  • Writing and Proofreading: she has been responsible for all levels of donor communications – digital and print
  • Systems Administrator: She has been a System Admin for numerous major donor databases.

Shanna serves EGP as an Account Executive, Database Admin, and Project Manager.

Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt is the Art Director/President of Granite Creative inc, and he brings more than 28 years of design expertise and experience into all his projects and relationships. Schmidt has a passion for great design and helping clients creatively communicate their message and brand in and through all types of various media. 

Schmidt has both a BA in Music cytotec drug category a pleasant dream example essay spm is it better to double up on zithromax or take one a day tamu ogs thesis office long term side effects abilify allies of the mexican american war essay source site get link why i want to study computer science essay custom paper bag manufacturers banana girl essay by kincaid maxibol 5mg cialis faire viagra naturel follow best critical analysis essay writing websites au essay about slavery in the united states is celebrex a pain reliever cdisc resume igcse english test papers go here argumentative essay about abortion with outline map astra taylor unschooling essay contest click primary essays in english essay on magic in the tempest go site Buy Itraconazole For Dogs is it better to take cialis daily follow does homework cause stress (piano major) and a BA in Visual Communications. The latter from Kendal College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI. A student winner of the IFDA 1991 international design competition, Schmidt spent the next three years on Maui as the creative director of an ad agency and publishing firm. Schmidt drove his moving truck into Colorado Springs in the summer of 1995. He worked as a designer at Current, inc., David C. Cook and Sparrow & Jacobs. Peter has designed thousands of ads, brochures, webpages, and content for Elevation Growth Partners clients.

Schmidt is inspired by the rugged mountain beauty of living in Colorado. He is married to Lisa, his wife of 34 years and they have six artsy and musical children, one adopted. His kids think his hobby is remodeling and designing his home.

Schmidt enjoys the flexibility of working out of his home office.

Steve Slaight

Steve Slaight

Steve has over 30 years of project experience, and has taught for nearly 10 years at the University level. Steve is a Certified Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) and holds both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Colorado Christian University (CCU). Work experience includes several years at the Hewlett-Packard company, plus work with various non-profits and for-profits. He now owns Witerations, LLC, a Project Management company that helps clients find unique and creative ways to move projects forward.