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Million Dollar Caseload

“Today’s session, alone, was worth the price of the entire year!  Excellent.”
– CEO of a major radio and counseling ministry

The Million Dollar Caseload is a proven roadmap to a 7-figure caseload or more! Every relationship manager can achieve it AND build deeper donor relationships. In this new program we give you a six-step process on how to learn to share your story, help you identify what’s important to major donors, and to recognize passion quickly. In the Million Dollar Caseload we cover how to communicate with major donors extensively and present alignment with your organization powerfully. Our program equips you with the habits, mindsets, and knowledge you need to build relationships that flourish. We’ll address what you need to do every day in such a way that you aren’t pestering but rather you are equipping passionate donors for impact in your organization. 

You Will Learn

  • Identify Key high-capacity prospects
  • Develop effective cultivation strategies
  • Ask for large gifts with confidence
  • Package organizational needs for optimal donor response
  • Report and thank donors in transformative ways

Expected Outcomes

  • A roadmap to $1mm annually per relationship manager
  • Focused energy and time-savings
  • Deeper Donor engagement
  • More funds for the organization

Key Features

  • Wealth-screened Top Prospects delivered to each participant throughout the year
  • Collaborative learning with other nonprofit leaders in cohort
  • Weekly consultation by seasoned nonprofit executives
  • 12-months of live coaching
  • Special guests including major donors, foundation experts, messaging specialists and technology whizzes
  • On-Demand Content library (videos, templates, training exercises, articles)

Q: Can a development team go through the program together?
A. Absolutely, having your team all on the same page will only accelerate your growth. The cost is the same for each participant.

Q: My donor file is small and I’m not sure it has the capacity to give $1mm.
A. You might be surprised, we’ll provide research so you can know for sure!

Q: I may not have enough donors to draw upon. What do I do?
A. The Million Dollar Caseload assumes just 150 prospective donors and 50 actual donors. If you lack prospects, we have resources to help you discover more qualified donors.

Q: We have tens of thousands of donors. How do I know where to begin?
A. We’ll tell you! We’ll deliver your top prospects prioritized for you so you can start with confidence and without guessing.

Q: Can I really raise a million dollars with this?
A. Raising significant funds takes dedication and commitment. We’ll give you a defines roadmap to $1 million dollars (and we’ve seen it work with 100s of reps), then it’s about applying what you’ve learned to reach that goal and beyond.

Q: What’s the weekly time commitment for the program?
A. The first 6 weeks you’ll be building your roadmap and tools necessary for your Million Dollar Caseload. Plan on 3-5 hours including the 1-hour coaching call.

Q: What’s the ongoing time commitment of the program?
A. You are stretched for time, we get it. We host a 1-hour coaching call each week and our goal is to get you to 10 hours of donor-facing activities a week. So 11 hours/week to build and maintain a million dollar caseload.

Q: How is the program delivered?
A. You will be given a unique password to our Recourse Library. The cohort will have access to a private online group (not facebook)where questions, dialogue, and additional resources are shared. The weekly coaching call is live with Tim Gunsolley on Zoom.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A. That’s easy, schedule a no commitment call and let’s chat about how we can best serve you and your organization with this program or any of our other services!