About Us

At Elevation Growth Partners, we are driven by a passion to help, lead, and enhance the lives of the people we serve. Our team has worked alongside over 400 organizational leaders to help them maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their work for greater practical and spiritual impact.

We’ve served some of the largest faith-based ministries in the world — and helped start-ups gain a solid footing. Whether large or small, we approach our work through “the Elevation Way.”

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The Elevation Way

We approach serving our community directed by our Core Values. Our values are intentional. We've hammered out these values as an alternative to some of the interactions the founders experienced with various agency solutions during their careers in the non-profit sector. As a result, our services flow out of these values when we approach your organization. Each organization is unique and therefore unique solutions can be found to further the vision of the organization.

We pride ourselves in listening and discovery when providing our services.

Our Three Priorities

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Elevation Growth was started with a team of people with executive-level experience in non-profit organizations. Chances are we’ve experienced problems and challenges similar to what you have or are experiencing. This history gives us both the perspective to address a variety of issues and the understanding to walk through the issues with you.

Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience serving faith-based and secular non-profit individuals and organizations, helping them leverage and optimize underutilized assets, apply their passion, and fulfill their unique mission.

What makes Elevation Growth Distinct


Our consulting team has seen the challenges and opportunities of hundreds of organizations. We have faced the challenges you face. We have wrestled with the conflicting demands you endure. We have helped make a difference for the better in organizations that are giving everything they have to fulfill their missions. This experience is reflected in our wise counsel, our informed pragmatism, and our awareness of the challenges of non-profit leadership.


We are sensitive to the demands of both the business world and the non- profit sector. We speak the language of mission statements and budgets. We understand that compassionate service and the bottom line can sometimes seem to be at odds, but we seek to balance these commitments in ways that pave the way for responsible philanthropy.

Strategic Thinking

Goals are nice, but developing a game plan that achieves those goals is even better. We bring a strategic perspective as we work closely with our clients to define goals and create strategic plans that will help you reach your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We believe that people are the true power behind any organization and that success or failure is based on relationships—with your donors, with your key staff, and with your constituents. Building satisfying long-term relationships with your donors is the best investment your organization can make. We will help you build wisely.


Our solutions are not driven by preference for a singular approach. We understand that what works for some organizations may not work for you. Our aim is to discover and execute strategies that are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and objectives.