Our Core Values

Elevation Growth Partners


We are committed to always speaking the truth.


We believe in doing the right thing in every situation, no matter the cost.


We are committed to producing work that will meet the highest standards of excellence in the non-profit as well as the for-profit marketplace.


We believe it is essential that we hold the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.


We hold a fanatical commitment to accountability for the use of all donor funds.


We believe passionately that marketing and development activities are as much a ministry as are programmatic outreaches.


We are committed to the notion that relationships are the currency of the Kingdom of God.


We believe that true strength for an organization comes in knowing its limitations and being open to partnerships that strengthen those areas that are not its core competency.


We are committed to the notion of prudence: using sound business practices to contain costs and maximize results as we grow toward our clear goal.


We believe people are truly the largest and most important asset of any organization. We are committed to investing in people, their personal and professional growth and development, and creating an environment of lifelong learning.