Bread & Butter Donors

Heard a great (but rarely heard story) from one of our clients recently. See below.

But first, we’re talking this month about building a Million-Dollar Caseload for each relationship manager on your team – annually.

Today, we’re focused on the type of major donors we call “Bread-and-Butter Donors.” These good folks are giving significantly – from $25,000 to $75,000 or more every year. They are your bread and butter, accounting for 50% of your caseload. Some have been giving for years. You can take their gift to the bank, count on it. They’re stable and consistent. They don’t need tons of cultivation, a meaningful visit 2-4 times a year. A significant project to fund. However, some are stuck at the same level even though they have greater capacity.

Here’s 4 things to do with your Bread-and-Butter donors.

1. Keep them engaged. They’ve slotted you in at a certain giving level. Don’t take them for granted.

2. Cast a bigger vision. This is all about showing how many more people could be helped through the organization’s big vision.

3. Test a 10x giving offer. Unbelievably testing a significantly higher amount may motivate a deeper engagement. Make sure the project is one that is at the bullseye of their giving motivation.

4. Invite to an immersion event, and expand their vision and experience with your ministry.

Funny story. At one of our immersion events – a weekend event for high-net-worth donors – a couple shared their giving story. On the drive to the resort, the wife was complaining to the husband why they even accepted the invitation to attend. They further agreed to give no more than $10,000 at the event. The ministry did such a fantastic job casting vision and building relationship, the couple increased their giving by 15 times.

The million-dollar caseload must have bread-and-butter donors – they are truly, well, your bread and butter. There’s tremendous opportunity for growth if treated correctly. Need some ideas for how to lift your donors?

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