learning in community

The current reality of social distancing due to the Coronavirus has helped us see the value of learning in community.  

We know by now that online meetings don’t have the same “feeling” as grabbing a coffee with an associate at the nearby coffee shop. 

While you may have dressed up your home office setting, it’s not the same as walking down the hall at the office for a quick conversation. 

And yet, many of us are finding a strange efficiency in the narrowed focus of doing those things that matter most to move our mission forward. 

Efficiency is a good thing and if we’re fortunate enough to remember this experience in 60 or 90 days or a year from now, we will remember the value of community AND efficiency. 

 We still want to serve more people.  Raise needed funds.  Lead our teams well.  

 Some obstacles we faced before the current crisis are still obstacles. 

  • We need greater revenue and more donors 
  • We have limited resources – now more than ever  
  • We need to increase our knowledge base  
  • We need to deploy smart and effective strategies with our constituents. 

Often the obstacles lead to frustration, overwhelm, and tension both inside our departments and in the organization.

4 Community-Driven Principles

Here are four things I’ve learned during this relatively brief time (although it seems long) of isolating: 

1) Learning in community, albeit virtually, can mitigate feelings of isolation. 
2) Sharing of common experiences (we’re all in the same boat) builds affinity even though separated by the miles. 
3) Shared insights help us share our humanity.  We can all be a bit more understanding of each other.  
4)  Like-minded leaders learn from each other.  

My experiences are valuable to you.  And yours are valuable to me. Let’s keep learning in community together, even though we’re alone.

The Major Gift Intensive is an 8-week course designed to equip you with tools to overcome the obstacles of donor fundraising listed above all while IN COMMUNITY. If you’re feeling like it’s time to learn in community and increase your effectiveness in fundraising – this may be just the time to invest in yourself – and with others who are in the same boat as you. 

Read about The Major Gift Intensive Here