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Nonprofit Fundraising in Locust Grove, Georgia

Elevation Growth Partners Help Nonprofits Reach New Fundraising Goals

Partner now with an experienced fundraising consultant who’s on a mission to grow your nonprofit fundraising in Locust Grove, Georgia! Meet Tim Gunsolley of Elevation Growth Partners, Colorado Springs, CO.

Nonprofit Fundraising in Locust Grove, GeorgiaElevation Growth Partners can help you and your nonprofit fundraising in Locust Grove, Georgia build a roadmap for growth, refine your fundraising strategies, and multiply your audience and revenue.

Growth for your vision is our mission. As experienced fundraising consultants for Christian organizations, Tim Gunsolley and his team at Elevation Growth Partners can show you how to increase and improve major gift donations, enhance strategic planning, enrich foundation management, and flourish at nonprofit fundraising campaigns and events.

Since 2001, Tim Gunsolley and Elevation Growth Partners have served more than 400 ministries, helping them raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ve developed a unique method to help you crystalize your message and outline a pathway forward. You’ll finish the ministry fundraising process with a powerful message, a clear roadmap for growth, and a revenue pathway to fuel your vision in Locust Grove, Georgia.

Teamwork with an Elevation fundraising consultant provides robust nonprofit fundraising ideas, fundraising plans, fundraising campaigns, fundraising events, and fundraising strategies that can actually succeed. Our key purpose is to train and equip faith-based nonprofit leaders on how to build healthy and well-resourced organizations in Locust Grove, Georgia.

Expect More, Reach Higher with Elevation Growth Partners<h/2>

The Elevation Growth Partners nonprofit fundraising training programs designed for you and your team in Locust Grove, Georgia include: the Major Gift Fundraising Intensive, the 1000-Day Plan client-customized fundraising strategy, Capital and Growth Fundraising campaigns, Fundraising Event plans, and Foundation and Grant Management help.

The Major Gift Fundraising Intensive provides a step-by-step process for the relationship manager (CEO, VP, Director, or Regional Representative) to launch or add a million-dollar caseload from relationship nonprofit fundraising. Our proven methodology and toolset have been used by hundreds of nonprofit leaders to deepen donor relationships in Locust Grove, Georgia and raise the major gifts that naturally come as a result.

The 1000-Day Plan is a customized nonprofit fundraising strategy to grow your vision that establishes a compelling case for your cause, clearly presents your unique approach to the people you serve and creates an urgency for constituents to respond.

When your organization’s growth strategy calls for a nonprofit fundraising event, Elevation Growth Partners knows how to focus on success. Elevation’s fundraising events, whether at a 5-star resort hosting hundreds of donors or in the home of a prominent host, highlight you as the client with a personalized approach. That’s how Elevation’s staff of experienced live event specialists generate unique events custom-made to benefit each client.

We’ll also help you book nationally-known speakers and musicians, secure a welcoming resort location, craft a specialized message, and give your guests a live experience they will always remember. Most importantly, Elevation Growth Partners will construct a compelling message that generates major and mega nonprofit fundraising gifts on your behalf back in Locust Grove, Georgia.

And there’s more! When you’re seeking a private foundation grant in Locust Grove, Georgia, Elevation Growth Partners supplies grant-seekers important how-to-apply knowledge and hands-on support.

Estimates reveal that private foundations grant more than $71 billion dollars each year to the causes they support. Yet, foundation managers require specific proposals from grant-seekers in order to qualify for funding. Using cross-tabulation of three distinct research datasets, Elevation Growth Partners specializes in researching the right foundations to support your cause. And our master grant-writers have secured 7-figure grants for Christian nonprofit projects and programs like yours. Elevation does the research, works with you to prepare your proposal, and even deals with the complicated submission and reporting schedule on your behalf.

Experience A Unified, Strategic Approach That Works

Because you’re driven to reach and serve more people in Locust Grove, Georgia, we’re determined to help your nonprofit fundraising grow! Call Elevation Growth Partners today at 719-358-4903 to find out how we can help you achieve your nonprofit fundraising growth goals through a unified, strategic approach.

The Elevation Growth Partners Advantage includes growth for you, your team, and your nonprofit’s vision! Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of skilled teamwork. Call 719-358-4903 or email Tim Gunsolley about your interest in speaking with a fundraising consultant at info@elevationgrowth.com. We would love to help you grow in Locust Grove, Georgia!