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Successful Foundation Strategy Considerations *Downloadable Checklist Inside*

We’re halfway through first quarter. How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? You know, way back in January when the idea of creating a successful Foundation Strategy sounded like a great idea. Well, you’re right. A Foundation Strategy IS a great idea, but it’s doomed to fail without preparation. Four Key Indicators in a […]

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Do you have “Joy in the Journey?”

On my wall hangs an art piece created by a time-tested technique by Vietnamese craftsmen. It consists of crushed eggshells, painted and glued in place. Mine depicts an elaborate scene showing a dock stretching into a placid, calm river. Up the hill from the dock is a traditional hut on a restful location, and two […]

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Powerful Planning: Where do you Want to Go?

Powerful Planning for Development Part 1: Where do you want to go? If you’ve ever used Mapquest or another navigation tool, you know certain inputs are needed before a plan for your trip can be devised. It all starts with where you are, where you want to go and how you want to get there […]

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The Power of 8 Words

What!! Eight words? How can a clear mission statement only be 8 words long? When we begin a new client relationship, we almost always ask for them to tell us their mission. We ask this question all the time working with clients. Often, someone on the staff will pull out his phone, navigate to the […]

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