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The Ascent

The Way Ahead Task Force

That’s a concept from one of my favorite (if sometimes crassly scripted) British comedies, W1A. An affectionate but satirical look at the BBC which it turns out is like any other bloated government endeavor – ever seeking to justify its budget and to some degree immune from practical, ground-level influence. The Way Ahead Task Force […]

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3 Characteristics of Sub-Optimized Development Teams

Development teams in nonprofits have big hearts and desires. The people in those teams are relational, considerate, and truly passionate about the mission. These are amazing qualities. Development teams also desire to raise their effectiveness in raising funds and in building relationships. That’s the job and the foundation of the ministry.  However, at least three […]

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A Decision Grid for Nonprofit Leaders

We all wrestle with minute, daily decisions, but sometimes nonprofit leaders spend month’s worth of time and energy coming to a conclusion when a decision requires the full weight of our prayer, conversation, and time to process. The question to ask is if the decision you need to make actually needs as much wrestling and […]

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Like you, I’ve heard the word “systemic” more times in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years.  And perhaps you, like me, have a grieving heart over the incidents in our nation.    In the wake of the terrible events in our country, I’ve had to think hard about what “systemic” really means.  “Affecting the […]

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