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3 Characteristics of Sub-Optimized Development Teams

Development teams in nonprofits have big hearts and desires. The people in those teams are relational, considerate, and truly passionate about the mission. These are amazing qualities. Development teams also desire to raise their effectiveness in raising funds and in building relationships. That’s the job and the foundation of the ministry.  However, at least three […]

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Like you, I’ve heard the word “systemic” more times in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years.  And perhaps you, like me, have a grieving heart over the incidents in our nation.    In the wake of the terrible events in our country, I’ve had to think hard about what “systemic” really means.  “Affecting the […]

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The Way Ahead Task Force

That’s a concept from one of my favorite (if sometimes crassly scripted) British comedies, W1A. An affectionate but satirical look at the BBC which it turns out is like any other bloated government endeavor – ever seeking to justify its budget and to some degree immune from practical, ground-level influence. The Way Ahead Task Force […]

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When God Says ‘Pivot’

We’re all familiar with the Apostle Paul’s intent to travel to Asia. But God stopped him and sent him instead to Macedonia. Acts 16:6-10 tells the familiar story of the Macedonian Vision. Immediately when Paul received the vision of the man calling for his help to come to Macedonia, Paul responded and prepared to shift […]

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How to Know if you’re Using the Right Tools: Map or Compass?

In the world of non-profit development, how do you know if you’re using the right tools to get to your destination the fastest? A map shows us the shortest distance between where we are and our destination. The route is on roads, streets, or highways that someone else has built. We simply travel along the […]

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4 Principles from Learning in Community

The current reality of social distancing due to the Coronavirus has helped us see the value of learning in community.   We know by now that online meetings don’t have the same “feeling” as grabbing a coffee with an associate at the nearby coffee shop.  While you may have dressed up your home office setting, it’s not the same […]

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Powerful Planning: Your Next Plan

Powerful Planning for Development Part 3: Your Next Plan So, you made a mission-centric plan, and are in the process of executing. Great! But you can’t stop there, or your plan is nothing more than an “event.” Your well-informed and executed plan is: A kick-off to a new way of life Greater performance Stronger donor relationships […]

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Powerful Planning: When the Unexpected Derails our Plans

Powerful Planning for Development Part 3: When the Unexpected Derails our Plans The irony of having written a series of articles on “planning” to be released during this time of seismic change is not lost on me. We are living through something unprecedented. Something that can’t be planned for, and something that has the power […]

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Powerful Planning: Where are you Now?

Powerful Planning for Development Part 2: Where are you Now? In the first article of the Powerful Planning Series Where are you Going?’ article, we talked about the central importance of knowing why you want to go where you want to go. Where you want to go is simply where you need to be to […]

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