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Major Gift Intensive

The Major Gift Intensive for those tasked with fundraising major and mega gifts

The Major Gift Fundraising Intensive provides a step-by-step process for the relationship manager (CEO, VP, Director, or Regional Representative) to establish or add a million-dollar caseload from relationship fundraising. Our proven methodology and toolset have been used by hundreds of nonprofit leaders to deepen donor relationships and raise the major gifts that naturally come as a result.

Give yourself an edge in your personal and professional tool kit for your organization today and your career long-term.

This 8-week program boasts more than a dozen training videos, a 70-page syllabus, and live coaching with Tim Gunsolley or one of our expert major gift coaches.

You may apply for the Major Gift Intensive here. This short questionnaire will help us know if we’re a good fit for your needs.

What To Expect During

the Major Gift Intensive

Major Gift Intensive Elevation Growth Partners

More Major Gifts Achieve larger gifts than ever received

Personal Coaching We’ll walk with you week by week

Strategies Proven from over 20 years of working with major donors

Best Practices Taken from working with over 400 organizations

Encouragement & Growth Learn in the company of like-minded leaders

What You Get During

the Major Gift Intensive

  1. 70-page syllabus with worksheets and templates
  2. Live weekly coaching
  3. 1:1 consulting
  4. Online & on-demand content
  5. 15 video lessons and guides
  6. Real data & stats from organizations like yours

“I can be more definite about what I’m doing with each and every donor and know how to deepen relationships with donors to receive more engagement with our ministry.” Mark Rader, Summit Ministries

UTS learned how to marry the need for the organization with the heart of the donor; two things that have conflicted in the past. Knowing when to ask, how to ask, and what to ask for has made all the difference for the ministry. Callie Picardo, United Theological Seminary

Topics Covered Over 8-weeks

WEEK 1 – Mastering the Landscape:

Discuss fundraising, especially nonprofit fundraising, the practical insights from a high-net-worth case study, determine how to establish your baseline, and where to find more major gift prospects.

WEEK 2 – Speak “Major Donor”:

Fundraising major gifts has a language all its own. In week 2 you will receive 5 tools to communicate more effectively with major gift prospects. And we explore a proven framework that will maximize your time and efficiency.

WEEK 3 – Draw them Close:

Ever wonder how best to cultivate deep relationships? We’ll provide you with at least 50 creative ways you can apply right away in drawing your donors closer to you’re your organization, your cause, and to increased giving.

WEEK 4 – Set a Strategy:

One of the most powerful lessons in the program, we help you craft a personalized fundraising strategy for each major donor on your file. Learn how to effectively rate your prospects. Bonus! We even provide 6 proven cultivation strategies for you to use.

WEEK 5 – Invite them to Invest:

Asking for a gift can cause great anxiety. And too many times this step is not done effectively – Learn how, when, and if to ask a donor, and how the anatomy of an appointment gives confidence to all involved. And we’ll show you how to respond if “Yes” isn’t the answer.

WEEK 6 – Show your Worth:

Layout an accountability fundraising plan for gratefulness and show your donor the effectiveness of their generous support. We’ll provide 3 “logic models” with practical steps that deepen the relationship and prepare your organization for its next large gift.

WEEK 7 – Plan to Succeed:

Finalize your personal plan to reach your fundraising goals. We provide all that is necessary for you and your team to succeed by implementing proven strategies.

WEEK 8 – Launch & Thrive:

You get the mic! It is your turn to show all participants how you’ll apply what you’ve learned. We celebrate you to go and impact the world!

Wondering if you Need to Attend The Major Gift Fundraising Intensive?

Major Gifts Officers if you:

Don’t know where to start,

  • Don’t know if what you’re doing is working,
  • or feel burdened every day with the weight of your organization’s need
  • And need to fundraise more major gifts


This is for you

Directors & VP’s, if you:
  • Need a common framework to manage your team
  • Need new acquisition
  • Want more time in your week
  • And need more major gifts,


This is for you

CEO’s, if you:
  • Desire deeper relationships with your most capable donors
  • Aren’t sure if your team is productive
  • Want to implement best practices
  • And need more major gifts


This is for you

Endorsements for Elevation Growth Partners

If you’re like me, no one handed you a playbook for fund development when they thrust you into the director’s seat. The Major Gift Intensive was a good way to sharpen and grow in my area of responsibility.
Mark | President of a national youth ministry

“The Major Gift Intensive assisted me to develop a common language and order for the important ingredients that compose a Major Gifts Program. It is an excellent course taught in a cohort style that allows for independent and group learning. – Christopher| Vice President of an international ministry

I continually need an experienced and trustworthy person examining all aspects of our organization and giving sound advice. I know of no one who fits the bill like Tim Gunsolley of Elevation Growth.

Tim is more than a consultant… he has become a ministry partner, sounding board, and friend. It was a very blessed day when God connected us with Tim Gunsolley and the team at Elevation Growth.”

Johnny Hall | President & CEO, One Voice Mission

Your Instructor – Tim Gunsolley

Tim Gunsolley lives in beautiful Colorado with his wife of more than 30 years. He has served in the world of major donor development and non-profit growth for more than 25 years.

He started out like many non-profit leaders – seeking the most effective ways to build strong donor relationships and raise significant funds. He values most the relationships with donors and clients alike in equipping leaders whose goal is to change the world for good.

Foundation Management Tim Gunsolley Elevation Growth Partners

“Let’s go change the world!”

“Elevation Growth Partners became well versed in our culture and mission, adapting their experience with working faithfully for a great outcome in every facet. Their service helps your work reach the impact desired. Give them serious consideration.”

– Lisa Crump | Former Chief Operation Officer, National Day of Prayer Task Force